The team of TechnoPharm LLC is a company of co-minded people who worked till recently in different areas related to the production of pharmaceuticals: production, quality assurance, quality control, work and maintenance of various engineering systems.

Ample experience of working at pharmaceutical enterprises allows us to look from the inside on your objectives and jointly with our specialists to find the most rational and cost effective solutions, whether it is the lack of the necessary documents for qualifying the equipment, or an unregulated ventilation system during the qualification of clean premises, the parameters of which we will be able to upgrade to the necessary values.

Having conducted the qualification and validation works at various large and small enterprises of Russia and taken part in GMP audits, representing clearly industrial interests, we understand well the difficulties of modern producer and what the inspectors are especially attentive to.

The activities of Technofarm company is directed towards the provision of engineering services to organizations and enterprises working in pharmaceutical, veterinary and medical areas at any development stage: concept, project, construction, launch of industry, reconstruction and shifting to the work in accordance with GxP quality standards and to the already functioning enterprises.

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Валидация и квалификация по GMP

Мы работаем по всей России и в странах ЕАЭС

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